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“BadTube contains some of the best games played recently. Watch and learn!”

BadTube is unlocked at Jungle Noon (Arena 2). It showcases highlighted brawls between real players in the game. BadTube is a place for players to see replays of the most intense and thrilling brawls.



  • A new brawl replay is added to each channel every hour, and a brawl replay will disappear from BadTube after 24 hours, so the maximum number of replays in a channel is 24.
  • Generally, the battles seen in Badtube will be of stunning upsets, three gear draws, and unusual party decks.

Information Displayed

  • The competing players, their Party deck, and Tribe are all displayed. Clicking on a player gives you the option to view their Profile and Tribe.
  • BadTube also displays how many players have watched and shared the replay.


King's comments

King's comment Description
What everyone is curious aboutWhen the replay is most viewed by the players
David vs GoliathThere is a level difference between the two players
Explosive plays guaranteedA lot of bombs in the replay!
Just in time-