Goal of the Game

Badland Brawl is a PvP game with real time matchmaking. You play against real players in an ever-changing landscape, through different Lands and times of the day.

Sling your Clones out of your Tower to fight the enemies, defeat your opponent’s Tower and conquer the Lands. Making the right decisions is the key to success.

  • The speed and/or distance of some of them is affected by how far back you pull your sling! Their mass will affect their speed, but also their stomping damage: use that to your advantage!
  • The goal is to destroy the enemy Tower before yours gets destroyed. Each Tower is made of 3 floors, and to win you need to have destroyed more floors than your enemy's!
  • Destroying the first floor of the enemy Tower will make the enemy King draw out an extra crossbow.

Only your Clones have the power to destroy the enemy Tower. If a Clone is pushed towards its own base, it will slowly lose health, but it will not inflict damage to the Tower.

Mana Bar

During the battle, your clones cost mana to deploy. You can store up to ten mana at once and your mana bar regenerates one mana every three seconds.

  • A basic fact that you should keep in mind is that you should not dump all your mana at once, because if you have no mana, your opponent can score an easy win.

Party Rotation

When you brawl, you have four of your clones to start with. Once you deploy one of your clones, another one comes into your hand and the clone you played cycles away. If you deploy one of you clones, you will not get it back until it cycles through.

  • Know your rotation and save the clones you need later. If you deploy a clone at the wrong time, you are at risk as you might need that card for something else.
  • Know your opponent's rotation as well as yours, because you will be able to see what your opponent can and can't counter.


  • A battle is 2 minutes and 55 seconds long.
  • When the battle is over, the player with more floors destroyed will win the brawl.
  • If the timer has run out and the two sides have an equal amount of floors destroyed, then the battle goes into "Sudden Death".
  • The Sudden Death lasts at most 1 minute.
  • The first player to destroy a later in Sudden Death wins the match.