Cause tactical destruction! This bomb type sticks to anything and has a shorter fuse.

Sitcky Bomb is unlocked from the Jungle Dawn (Tutorial).


  • Often used for defensive measures, this sticky little bomb can also be used for offense.
  • It will stick to anything it comes into contact with.
  • Attach the Sticky Bomb to your own units to carry it into the opposing tower to score hit points on it.
  • Attach it to enemy units to deal significant damage when it detonates a few seconds later.
  • It will damage any enemy units that are nearby as well.
  • The Sticky Bomb is often thrown onto the bridge to prevent the opponent’s units from advancing, and to dispatch them.


Best Combos

  • StickyBomb+Balloon It’s difficult to master this combo, but if you do, it deals real damage to the opposing tower. Throw the sticky bomb high followed by the Balloon. The Balloon will catch it and they will sail into the other tower, and BOOM!
  • StickyBomb+Big Smith Attach to your Big Smith. Once he reaches the other tower it will detonate.
  • StickyBomb+Spider
  • StickyBomb+Puffer Bug


Level Tower Damage


Area Damage




Explosion Force




Upgrade cost


1677677891476.0 s50
2711711931546.0 s150
3746746981626.0 s300
47847841031706.0 s500
58238231081796.0 s800
68648641131886.0 s1,200
79079071191976.0 s1,800
89529521252076.0 s2,600
91,0001,0001312176.0 s3,800
101,0501,0501382286.0 s5,000
111,1021,1021452396.0 s6,500
121,1581,1581522516.0 s8,000
131,2151,2151592646.0 s-
141,2761,2761672776.0 s-
151,3401,3401762916.0 s-
161,4071,4071853066.0 s-
171,4771,4771943216.0 s-
181,5511,5512043376.0 s-
191,6291,6292143546.0 s-
201,7101,7102243716.0 s-
211,7961,7962363906.0 s-