“Trophies indicate your success in combat. Players gain or lose Trophies by either winning or losing brawls!”

Trophies are points that you can receive or lose based on your performance in the game. They determine matchmaking, progression in the World Map and your rank in the leaderboards.

While there is only one type of Trophy, where their count is displayed will affect different aspects of the game.

Trophy Count

Here’s a breakdown of what each Trophy count determines:

  • On Clones: they are awarded to the Clones you have in your Party when you win. Clones also lose trophies when you lose.
  • In your current Party: the sum of the trophies held by the Clones currently in your Party; it helps us find you the right opponent.
  • In the resource bar: they are the sum of the Trophies held by all your Clones. They define your position in the leaderboards, and allow you to progress in the World Map, to unlock new Lands and Clones. 
    They also decide your Ranking in the Tribe you are part of: the higher your Trophy count, the higher you will be in your Tribe’s ranking.

Winning against a stronger opponent will award you more trophies, while losing against a weaker one will have more trophies removed.

Land Unlocks

Green Trophies

If some of your Clones with a really low amount of Trophies compared to the rest, they will have their Trophies displayed in green. If they win a Brawl, they are awarded a nice Trophy boost!